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I was notified my wedding dress arrived. What now?

YAY! Your wedding dress is here! You will need to Call to make a “Try-On and Inspection Appointment” within 10 days of being notified at 812.853.1800. Appointment is typically 60 minutes with your Bridal Consultant (if available).

During your Try-On & Inspection Appointment, you will…

  • Inspect and approve the condition of your wedding dress for proper size, color, fabric, and length.
  • If you paid for a custom hem, please bring in your shoes to ensure the gown is the proper length.
  • Pay for balance owed on wedding dress (if applicable) within 10 days of being notified.
  • Complete your look by purchasing accessories (i.e. veil, belt, jewelry, shoes, etc) while your gown is on. Plus! Take advantage of your bridal savings on your purchase.
    • Please take into account special order accessories typically take 4 to 8 weeks to come in.
  • Please note this is not an Alterations appointment. If someone from our Alteration Team is available during your appointment, you may get a quote for your alterations. The quote is an estimate and is subject to change between now and your First Fitting.

The Try-On Appointment is for your benefit – to make sure you are satisfied with your wedding dress. We do not want to wait until you start alterations, or three months prior to wedding, for you to try on your gown for the first time. We know the importance of your wedding day, and while we do not anticipate any issues, we want to be proactive if there should be any.