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Bridesmaid Appointment Request

Fill-out the form below and one of our bridal consultants will contact you if there is a problem with your requested day/time. You will receive a copy of your appointment request after it’s submitted.

Customers Reviews:

Rated 4.99/5 based on 496 customer reviews

Katie was the best! She listened to everything I wanted and then was a huge help it helping me narrowing down dresses as I began trying them on and realizing what I liked and didn’t liked. She read my reactions and guided me to finding my dream dress! Couldn’t have received better service and I look forward to working with her more in the coming months!

Whitney Newburgh, Indiana June 18, 2018

Consultation Form:

We have a consultation form to assist you in selecting bridesmaid dress styles that match your attendants and your theme. Fill out the form and we will use the information to help you during your 1 hour appointment.

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