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You have spent months to a year planning your wedding.  During that time, we have built a relationship with you and your bridal party.   We can not wait to see how your whole vision came together in your wedding photographs.  As much as we like our Designers’ photographs, our #epbrides are SO MUCH better!  We like to think of all of our wedding photos in the store are now “family.”  It is what makes us different than big warehouses and chains.

A Special Dress Story | As told by Jackie, EPB’s Merchant

Hannah is a dear friend of mine.  She contacted me and said she was going to get married in a month.  As a bridal consultant, you want to ask, “Are you crazy?!”  Her fiancé, Owen was in the Navy and found out he was being deployed, and they wanted to be married when he did.  Not only was the wedding date fast approaching, but she lived in Hawaii and needed to find a dress when she came back home for a week.  Okay, now we were talking about really crazy, but I told her that I would do anything to make it happen.

When Hannah came to visit, she talked about how she wanted to find the perfect destination gown for the beach—something simple and lightweight.  I had another thing in mind.  I asked her to slip on the Justin Alexander [8825] silk ball gown.  She and everyone in her party now thought I was the crazy one.  A silk ball gown on the beach?  As soon as she put it on though, we all knew it was “the one.”  There is something so special about how this gown drapes, its long train, and how the light hits the silk… it is magical.  And you could see that in her photos; they take your breath away.  If she would have worn anything else, it would not have been the same.

The best part?  The dress was luckily in stock in her size, purchased on Saturday, and by Wednesday, it was delivered to the store.  In normal circumstances, brides would also not start their alterations until two to three months prior to the wedding, but Hannah was our exception.  Sharon, our Alterations Specialist, is a veteran and was compelled to help expedite the process.  She had her first fitting on Thursday, second fitting on Friday and was back on the plane to Hawaii on Saturday.  It is moments like these… that makes my job worthwhile.

UPDATE: While I was at market for Fall 2016, I showed Justin, the wedding dress designer, her pictures. He loved the story just as much as the dress and had me show the entire team.

Bride: Hannah (Riley) Keller | Groom: Lt. Owen Keller | Wedding Date: December 21, 2015 | Wedding Destination: Puako, Hawaii | Gown: Justin Alexander, Style 8825 from Ella Park Bridal, Newburgh, IN | Photographer: Pacific Dream Photography

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