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I went to Ella Park Bridal on 2/20/2016 looking for the perfect wedding dress.. It was my third bridal store that day with my closest friends and family. And I’ll be honest I was getting tired and had the assumption I was not picking my dress that day! Jackie met us at the door! She was amazing from that second on. She took my family to the room we were going to be using! And then took me to pick out a few dresses. Again I felt like I wasn’t finding it.. Then I said its ok I’ll just try another day. Jackie said wait. I got one more for you! I said ok but let’s hurry up I’m ready to go.. I put that dress on and immediately cried. My friends and family knew when I walked out . It was it. The moral of the story is. I went to three stores that day when I should have just went to one.. Jackie gave me the experience I was looking for. She also helped me narrow down my wedding colors! I will be using Ella Park Bridal for the wedding party as well.. And I only hope to see Jackie while were there. Thank you so much Jackie! I will be referring Elle park to everyone I can!

Halisa Washington IN March 24, 2016