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Katie was so amazing and sweet. She showed us to the bridal suite and asked if I had tried on any dresses. I showed her the 2 I had liked, and shared with her my dislikes for each. She went to the floor and quickly pulled 5 dresses. She was always ready to assist me when I was ready. She was very nice and made nice conversation while I was trying on dresses. She would put me in a dress then give me a few moments with my guests to discuss the dress alone. Then she’d ask me how I felt about it. She picked great choices, there were several I liked, but one stood out from the crowd and it was the one I said yes to! She was so patient and before I said yes, asked me if I wanted to try anything else on. She really knows her stuff.
I also really LOVE the bridal suite set up they have. It was so roomy and comfortable for my mom and friends. I really enjoyed the fact that each dressing room had a ceiling fan above it, and you could turn it up or down. The whole experience was amazing! I’m so excited!

Marly Evansville, IN April 25, 2016