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My bridal shopping experience at Ella Park was nothing short of spectacular! Carly, my consultant, was unbelievably kind, patient, knowledgeable, and cheerful and it made my day of dress shopping extra special. Once we got started she quickly caught on to my style, and was able to make suggestions to other dresses that I may not have selected on my own but were amazing once I tried them on. In fact, on a whim I decided to try a silhouette outside of what I thought I wanted and it ended up being “MY” dress! A large part of this was because Carly was able to see my style and overall “likes” with dresses, and combine the new silhouette with that to create perfection. I can’t recommend Ella Park enough for any bridal needs, and I am so relieved I chose them to be a part of my wedding experience!

Tracy Henderson, KY February 7, 2018