How Cancer Affected Ella Park Bridal

Race For The Cure
Co Owner Leaving Hospital
November 27, 2017 changed our lives forever. Lisa (wife and co-owner) of Ella Park Bridal was diagnosed with colon cancer. After several doctors visits over the course of  2 days, we were sent to a gastroenterologist specializing in colon cancer. After a short consultation, we decided on emergency surgery. We drove directly to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Evansville. 6 hours later, Lisa was recovering in her hospital room having a tumor removed from her colon. Within 48 hours of major surgery, Lisa’s doctor released her due to her remarkable recovery.

For those of you who know Lisa, you can appreciate the turn of events. Lisa, a former nurse for 30 years, had 20 years experience in the cancer unit for St. Mary’s hospital. She knew what she was up against. You also know Lisa as a fighter, one who just doesn’t give in…one who shows no pain!

I am happy to report that Lisa returned to work on December 13th, merely 3 weeks after major surgery. Lisa is back at Ella Park Bridal assisting our team and brides in whatever capacity she can. She is an inspiration to us all!

During our 2017 Ella Park Bridal Christmas party, Mike (husband and co-owner) announced a new company event. You know it as the “Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure”. Mike announced “starting in 2018, Ella Park Bridal will participate in the race as a team.

We have also joined forces with Gilda’s Club of Evansville and will make an annual donation for each wedding gown sold each year.

These women are an inspiration to me for their hard work and dedication to bring you the best wedding experience possible. We are not perfect, but we strive everyday to “be the best we can be”! It’s another Mike-ism we live by in our daily lives.

If you need help finding your wedding gown, look to this group for professional assistance. We help you, you help us, we help others. It’s the circle of life! Mike

Ella Park Bridal team participating in Komen Race for Cure