Gown Preservation

Your kit will include a Pre-Paid order form, materials to pack up your gown, and a Pre-Paid FEDEX shipping label. The cost for a kit ranges from $189 to $239. As a member of our Ella Park bride club, you’ll receive 10% off your kit.

See the additional information below for answers to our most common questions.

WEDDINGGOWN 083I have already purchased a Preservation Kit…what is the next step?

Once you receive your kit, you simply fill out the enclosed Pre-Paid order form, use the materials provided to pack up your gown, and attach the Pre-Paid FEDEX shipping label. NOTE: For your protection, an adult signature will be required when your gown is delivered back to you. Click Here For Instructions

Do I need to have my gown cleaned before sending to Wedding Gown Preservation Company?

No, Wedding Gown Preservation Company will handle all the cleaning of your gown to ensure a proper preservation.

What exactly is the process you use to clean the gown?

Wedding Gown Preservation Company has several different processes that are used for cleaning. Each gown is evaluated upon its arrival and the best cleaning process for that particular gown is used. All of their processes are safe, gentle and environmentally safe. Your gown is then fitted on an acid-free bust form and packed in an acid-neutral preservation chest. Please note shoulder pads and bust pads must be removed as they could cause damage to the gown over time. They will be wrapped in tissue paper and packed underneath your gown.

What stains are removed with your process?

Wedding Gown Preservation Company is able to remove approximately 95% of all stains including tar, blood, perspiration, grass, mud, grease, food, sugar stains from cake icing, wine and other beverages.

What can be seen in the display window?

You will be able to view your gown and veil. Any other items will be positioned at the bottom of the window, where possible, or packed underneath your dress.

What else can I send along with my gown?

You may also send items such as your veil, headpiece, gloves, garter, moneybag, handkerchief, slip, flower girl gown, etc. Additional fees may apply.

What kinds of repairs are done to the gown?

Wedding Gown Preservation Company prides itself on having a highly trained staff that can handle most repairs for a nominal fee. Please note on your paperwork if you would like a call with a repair quote.

Want to declare more value? Add the Celebrity Upgrade option

We suggest that for more delicate fabrics such as silk, couture or any garment valued over $500, you consider the Celebrity Upgrade Package!

They thoroughly hand press the garment to assure that it does not have any permanent wrinkles, as they can weaken the fabric over time. Your garment is then wrapped in Museum Style, Unbleached Muslin and placed in an acid-neutral box. In addition, you will receive a total of $1500 Insured Value!

How can I track the status of my gown for preservation?

For the quickest response click here and go to the GOWN STATUS tab on Wedding Gown Preservation Company’s website. Enter your Serial# (begins with “KP”) and then press SEARCH. If you provide an email address on your paperwork, you will be notified electronically when your gown is received and when it ships back to Ella Park Bridal or you. If you have any difficulties please call 1-800-305-3108.

Is my gown guaranteed?

YES! Wedding Gown Preservation Company will provide a lifetime guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing. If at anytime your gown is found to have yellowed or has caramelized stains Wedding Gown Preservation Company will reprocess the gown at no additional cost. If reprocessing is found to be unsuccessful, Wedding Gown Preservation Company will refund the preservation cost.

REMEMBER: NEVER store your gown in the attic or basement!

Where should I direct any questions or concerns?

You may contact Wedding Gown Preservation Company at 1-800-305-3108 and a representative would be happy to assist you. For your convenience, hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time.